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by Kristin Johnson on 03/10/12

So the "Anniversary Week" has come to an end.  What an amazing time that was. Surrounded by so many wonderful, caring, inspiring people!!!!  I'm going to keep this short and sweet and just say thank you to everyone who was involved in this past week with made it so awesome i will never forget it.  It makes me extremely excited to see what this next year will bring!!!!  


The Middle

by Kristin Johnson on 03/07/12

So it's the middle of the my "anniversary week", and it's actually March 7th, at 4:16am.  March 7th was the day i taught my very first class!  It was at Kiva Conditioning Club, a place I was extremely familiar with as i had just lost 80lbs doing Zumba there the past 8 months.  I remember i felt so lucky to have gotten the job and to be starting out where i had already experienced such a journey.  As i look back now, little did i know my journey was just beginning.  I try to remember what it was like to be instructing my very first class, and truly i don't think i ever really remembered, it all went by so fast...I just remember having the BEST time ever, and being surrounded by people I already cared about so much already.  I'm humbled when i see the people who have been with me all year...from that first class.  Such amazing people, each one of them...and each one of them has touched my life and changed me in one way or another.  

Ok, so those who know me know that i also can't stay serious for too long, so I will say that the past was a blast, but i look forward to the future even more.  Think of the possibilities...maybe i'll run for President!  

I can't wait for class tonight....

The Story Behind the Name "FridayZFitness"

by Kristin Johnson on 03/02/12

I have been asked multiple times for the story behind the name.  

Why FridayZFitness?  

Well I decided on the name because of my dog "Friday".  I named my dog "Friday" after getting him on a Friday and realizing that everybody loves a Friday...right?  Since getting my pup "Friday" he has been so incredibly important to me and to my life.  I do not have human children therefore these funny lookin dogs with the smooshed in faces (Pugs) have become my children (I also have a pug named "Tuesday").  "Friday" is now 10 years old and has been the one "being" who has been through it ALL with me and he still thinks i'm the best thing since bacon!  I truly hope to be the kind of person my dogs think i am!  

I spelled Friday's with a "Z" to stand for Zumba, because Zumba is another love of mine and i was happy to be able to combine two of my loves (my dog "Friday" and Zumba) and come up with the name FridayZFitness, "Because every day should be Friday!"   

I hope that explains the name...and just as I have so much love involved in the name, i hope you find a love of dance fitness and a love for FridayZFitness as well!  

First Solo Aqua Zumba® Complete

by Kristin Johnson on 02/21/12

I had the time of my life tonight!  Demo at Mountlake Terrace Rec Pavilion.   We didn't know if there would be 3 people or 30....little did we know we ended up with 63 in the pool and had to turn people away.  What great energy and a great mix of people.  Everyone had fun and the waves  were almost surf-able.  I will never sleep tonight!  


Aqua Zumba® - My First Time

by Kristin Johnson on 02/21/12

Dear Aqua Zumba®,

HERE I COME!!!  Today is my very first day to teach Aqua Zumba® all on my own.  I'm so excited, but very nervous!!!  I figure worse case scenario i can just jump in the pool and that should cause enough of a distraction to get me through the class.  haha  I hope people show up!  If you'd like to give Aqua Zumba® a try, come out to Mountlake Terrace Recreation Pavilion today (Feb 21st) from 5:30-6:00PM! Come join the POOL PARTY!!!